Hey guys Ive just changed my OS from windows to Linux and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could keep my old games?? Like do I need special software to continue playing windows games? Or can I get Linux versions of them?

Also, any advice or tips on command lines would be handy :)
Thanx from Darkangelchick

I didn't really try it, but wine can run windows applications.
Go to http://www.winehq.org/ for more info.

It somehow creates environment what is similar to windows.
I was trying several times to set it up... But all the time I finished on windows.
Now when I want to play games, I use Windows and when I want to do something else, use linux...

WINE—The Free Solution
Win4Lin— VmWare style wa of doing it, but daft in my mind for playing games
CrossOver Office - works for games as well as office

best till last