It seems that the draft spec for USB 3.0 has been released by Intel following much online speculation over exactly what the technology would and would not be able to do.

To be precise, what Intel has released is the 'Extensible Host Controller Interface draft specification revision 0.9' for Super-Speed USB. However, we all know it is USB 3.0 really.

Mind you, super-speed is a good alternative name considering USB 3.0 will come sporting a data rate of 600MB/per sec.

The rest of the Intel draft specification is actually very dull, unless you happen to be involved in the development of hardware peripherals in which case no doubt all that talk of communications registers and data structures will be essential bedtime reading no doubt.

too bad you wont see it in actual computers til late 09 early 2010 so right no all we can do is wait for the next big thing if it comes out sooner great if it comes out with windows 8 that would be nice as well