Here is the big announcement I promised you from VMWorld. MokaFive, a Desktop Virtualization company, originally created Desktop VMs (Virtual Machines) that reside on a USB flash drive. Now, MokaFive takes Desktop virtualization to the next level: Your Desktop on your phone.

MokaFive specializes in mobile desktop virtualization – meaning, you can both virtualize your desktop and take it on the road with you, loaded onto an iPod or USB stick. These mobile virtual desktops, known as LivePCs in MokaFive lingo, have the ability to self-heal on every reboot and to self-destruct with unauthorized use. MokaFive runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and provides a Mission Impossible-like "poison pill" function that self-destructs unauthorized (lost, stolen, inactive) LivePCs for heightened security and user monitoring.

MokaFive will be moving onto mobile phones soon, and is offering a free software prototype, called the iPhone Sentinel, allowing a portion of the flash storage on an iPhone to essentially function as a removable drive for Windows and Mac OS users. The company has plans to introduce additional smartphone prototypes in the future.

The iPhone Sentinel...
- Allows a portion of the flash storage on an Apple iPhone to be dedicated to storage for computers you plug into.

- Allows the storage to be viewed as a normal Removable drive on the Windows and Macintosh platforms

- Improves the performance of the storage through smart caching and write-buffering

- Allows for a the iPhone to be unplugged without causing application failures (the user will be prompted to replug in the device when they have a chance).

Starting Monday, Sept 15th it will be available for free download on MokaFive's site under the Tech Preview section.

It is scheduled to be productized next year.

To get the full scoop on this innovative technology, go to MokaFive's Blog .

Stay tuned folks. There's a big announcement coming from a virtualization company and a network hardware/software company coming today.