Quick question: What do the following things have in common?

A Mythical Horned Rabbit from Douglas, Wyoming.
A French-Canadian Linux Guy.
An A4 Format.
An African Word.
A Double-sided DVD.
An Abundance of Information.

Give up?

Don't. But since you'll never guess it, I'll tell you.

It's the premier issue of Ubuntu User, the magazine. It's brought to you by the same people who publish Linux Pro Magazine that you've grown to know and love. And like Linux Pro, it's in that giant euro A4 format. I guess the Europeans realize that the world's population is aging and we need a bigger rag to read.

So, it's true that now Ubuntu users have their very own magazine--4 issues per year for a very reasonable $40 US subscription. I strongly suggest the subscription since individually the mag will set you back a full $15.99 per issue.

Ubuntu User, Issue #1, is on newsstands right now--shell out the $16 buckazoids and enjoy all the Ubuntu you can stand. There are articles by Marcel Gagne and Jono Bacon, a Q&A section by Ubuntu Forum guy Mike Basinger, a New Features section and in-depth interviews.

Included with Issue #1 is a double-sided DVD containing the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Jaunty Jackalope (aka Ubuntu 9.04).

I'm hoping for a long and happy life for Ubuntu User magazine and I think it's something we've needed for some time now. And, no, I'm not insulted at all that I didn't get an offer from the editors to submit something to the all-important first issue. I won't take it as a slight or even an oversight--I'll just have to chalk it up to, "I was far too busy to contribute and they knew that."

So, just when you thought print media was but a faint memory, these folks launch a new print mag just for us Ubuntuers. I applaud them for it. Thanks Linux New Media, I give Ubuntu User two thumbs up.

Have you seen Ubuntu User yet? Write back and let me know what you think of it.

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Saw it in the stand, (Linux Pro is Linux Format here). I worked for Future for work experience in fact. Hope UU helps people!

Actually, Dan, Linux Pro Magazine is called Linux Magazine in the UK. Linux Format is a different publication. And guess what? The editing for the mag is done in Kansas. That's right, Kansas...home of Dorothy, Tornadoes, Jayhawks and 70MPH highway speeds. All good things come from Kansas. Ok, I'm exaggerating.

FYI and Disclaimer

I am not associated with Linux New Media or Ubuntu User in any way. I get no royalties or payments from it nor have they even asked me to write for it. But I certainly hope to contribute at some point in the future. This post is simply my excited review of a new magazine for Ubuntu enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy Ubuntu User.

Thank you for sharing.
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Just subscribed to ubuntu-user from issue 2 onwards. They're out of stock on issue#1. I can't get #1 in Holland. Does anyone know how I could still get hold of issue #1?!?