I installed fedora core 1 but at first i had problems (I hadnt installed the bootloader thinking that i had a third party one on my system which i forgot that i had uninstalled) so i ran the xp cd and tried to get windows working but it still couldnt get past this screen that said "GRUB" to run the setup so after about 7 hours i finally figured out the right config for my boot loader and ran it wheni went to check windows it said i needed to run the cd so i had to do a total reinstall of windows but i had t install over the boot loader so now i cant get to linux rather than reinstall linux i was hoping someone could tell me a good third party boot loader or just how to reinstall GRUB.


It would be easier to help you out if you had proper grammer. One large run on sentance is very hard to read and digest what you are asking us.

When making Linux and Windoze dual boot machines, you have to make the Windoze side first, and then install the linux side. Did you make the floppy disk recovery disk? If so, did you try it? You may have to go in and edit /etc/fstab to re-sync all of your partition information for Linux to use.


Or..you could use Gag to boot into either operating system.

does gag support windows xp because all the screenshots (i didnt read much of the site) show that they can load older windows OSes but none specifically say windows xp.