Receive 2 errors everytime booting up. Loader has caused an error in Loader.exe and The c:\windows\iedll.exe file appears to be corrupted. The version I am using now is 5.50. This is for Windows Me. Anyone have
an ideas on a fix. I did not want to go to 6.0

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as stated else where (by caperjack? not sure) iedll.exe is neither a normal file component of IE nor Windows (seeing how a true dll file is not executable) and as such your pc is likely infected with a trojan. do a search on the site for "iedll.exe" as well as "ie dll.exe" and you should find the appropriate posts.

please do NOT cross-post. i was going to refer you to a post that would give you a link in resolving your problem [post=5808](here)[/post], when i realized that you cross-posted the same question in at least one other forum - wasting the time of the person trying to help you out does not make friends on this forum. again, please do not cross-post.

I also am having the same error message appear. I recently formatted my HDD and when I was finished reloading and downloading all patches and upgrades, I started getting this message every time I boot the computer. I'm using Win98 and IE v6.

I've done several virus scans only to turn up nothing. If I look in the files for IE 6 there is a file there ( exe icon ) that says it's IE dll.exe. I'm not sure how it got there as a dll file isn't a program as earlier stated in this post. I've been told to just delete this file and everything will be OK. I haven't done so yet as I was waiting for more input before I do that.

What does everyone think?

Doug :?:

Thanks, but when I click on the links that you included in your post, the website comes up but it says " file not found " :?:



I downloaded and unzipped the CW Shredder program. When I try to run it, it prompts me with the following message " A required.DLL file.MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found. Needless to say it wouldnt run??

I had a program called loader.exe that I never told to run at startup but did anyway. I found this post, then found the answer somewhere else:

if it's the same "loader" I had, Symantec has the answer. It's from a company called ClearSearch and it posts advertising data from you to them periodically. ZoneAlarm caught the outgoing bits and warned me. So on my computer it was in "C:\Program Files\ClearSearch\loader.exe" and I deleted it. Symantec said it had a corresponding registry key but I couldn't find it (possibly because I periodically use a registry cleaner.

Good luck.

If I go to the start menu, click on find, files and folders the Loader exe and IEdll.exe comes up. Is it safe to delete both files from there?

BTW, I'm using Win98.

Thanks; :D


SORRY, if I wasted your time. I am very new to this kind of forum. I am not trying to waste anyone's time. I don't even know what cross-posting is.

I was having some strange problems with my Win98 PC, so I ran my Virus program and it turned up Win32/DIToon.F1 Trojan.
Even after the Virus program 'killed' it, I was unable to activate most desktop icons, or nearly any icons in Control Panel etc.
I had to re-format and start all over.

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