I accidently uninstalled Accessories, Games, and a little more maybe. (Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Window Components) and when I try to reinstall them it asks for a "Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM" Disc. I don't know of any disc, any idea where I could find the stuff that I need online? It asks for calc.exe, freecell.exe, etc. Directory: D:\i386.

Help anyone?


When you purchased your computer, did you get a Restore disk with it? If so, what you need should be on there.

If you didn't, do you have a manual with instructions on how to access a hidden partition with the XP files on it?

Yes, I have a restore CD... It's 2 CD's. I tried the first 1, didn't work.

Has any of the cds got a folder called i386 ?? If yes browse through that folder and then press ok. i386 should have all the files you want to install.

Nope just drivers.

Is there a \WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS folder with the Windows setup files in it? If so point the install at that folder.

Nope, no option folder.

Borrow an XP home edition CD from somebody else and use that ;)

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