I accidently uninstalled Accessories, Games, and a little more maybe. (Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Window Components) and when I try to reinstall them it asks for a "Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM" Disc. I don't know of any disc, any idea where I could find the stuff that I need online? It asks for calc.exe, freecell.exe, etc. Directory: D:\i386.

Help anyone?


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When you purchased your computer, did you get a Restore disk with it? If so, what you need should be on there.

If you didn't, do you have a manual with instructions on how to access a hidden partition with the XP files on it?


Yes, I have a restore CD... It's 2 CD's. I tried the first 1, didn't work.


Has any of the cds got a folder called i386 ?? If yes browse through that folder and then press ok. i386 should have all the files you want to install.


Is there a \WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS folder with the Windows setup files in it? If so point the install at that folder.

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