Hey, i am using windows vista atm and was thinking about changing to linux to learn something new and plus ever since i got vista my computer has been running a bit slower than normal, but the only problem is playing games with my mates i usually play call of duty and not really worried about any other games. So i was thinking about dual booting windows xp and linux but would this make a differnce in speed or should i just keep vista? or if anyone has any other ideas please let me no thanks.

>So i was thinking about dual booting windows xp and linux but would this make a differnce in
>speed or should i just keep vista?

Dual booting doesn't affect the speed of a computer, only its hard drive usage. Alternatively, you can try running your games under Wine. If you've never heard of it, it's basically a piece of software that aims to implement Windows functionality on Linux, so that it can run Windows applications at native speeds. Call Of Duty has gotten a decent rating on Wine, so you may want to look into this:


Thanks for the info ill look into it, still need to choose a distro and download it.

Ah, yes. If you need advice on choosing one, I'd suggest searching the forum (or even the internet), as there's tons of discussions on this topic.

Yeh i just did i think im going to try Fedora just need to back up my files and try to partition my hard drive lol.

If you've installed Windows on a partition that takes up your entire hard disk (typical Windows installation), you're going to have to shrink it first. If you download the Fedora Live CD, I'm pretty sure you can resize it with the included (G/QT)parted software. If not, you'll have to download a GParted LiveCD and do the resizing from there, prior to the Fedora installation.

Fedora, Ubuntu, all good programs and they will not affect your windows installation. although it would be better to partition the hard disk first. then install in the new partition. if you are comfortable doing the installation you can let the program shrink and partition the hard disk

COD doesn't work under cedega or wine. sorry mate

1.5? who plays that? :)
that's ancient

Ok so if COD4 doesnt work with wine i will have to dual boot vista and linux? :S or is there anyway other way to get it to work so i can have linux on its own?

And sorry i should of stated call of duty 4 in first post

I don't think that currently there is a way to run COD4 on linux
I might be wrong though

I dont think im going to try anything atm ill wait a couple of weeks and decide what i want to do, need to study for gcses anyway lol, thanks for the help.

you could try installing a virtual box on top of your linux OS.

COD4 on linux is crap. runs barely on cedgea, and if you do multiplayer your CD player will get banned because it detects that you are disabling the anticheat software (wine doesnt support it)

ubuntu all the way!

how good is cedgea now? the time i tried to use it, i needed some promo code which they weren't giving out, so i could never really test it out.

i baught it

its pretty good, better than wine for directx