Hi, i'm building a Linux system from scratch. My goal is to make it into a Security & Forensics LiveCD. (Something like a simple Backtrack). Now i just wondered if you know of any good security, forensics, networking (or any other relevant) app/package that you would like to see in on a system like this.

Why not join one of the groups working on such a project? This will provide you with some support in getting the system going, and you can provide additional value to an already established project.

Going at it alone is very hard, as you need to keep yourself motivated - much harder than tapping into a project team's motivation. And getting over that initial bump of getting the whole thing together is so much easier with someone's help. A lot of good work goes to waste on projects that run out of steam. This way you can also add value on the bits you enjoy the most, and leave the rest to someone who likes that kind of stuff :)

Most of the forensic LiveCD's out there are quite complete as well - so adapting it to your tastes will be easy as well.