Hey everyone,
I've recently become the owner of a PowerBook G3, and decided to put gentoo linux on it. I'm forced to use BootX to boot to the installer. I can boot to the kernal, and BootX recognizes the ramdisk. However, partway through booting, the process sticks with the message: "Copying read-write image contents to tmpfs". I'm using the gentoo 2008.0 universal cd. My BootX arguments are exactly as the kernel arguments read in the gentoo install docs and in yaboot.conf. I'm using the ppc32 kernel and ramdisk.

Hardware specs:
G3 @ 266 MHz, 1MB cache
64 MB ram
Manufactured in 1998
This machine is unmodified from the factory, except for a hard drive replacement. Is is a second generation 'wallstreet', also sometimes called a 'mainstreet'. It runs Open Firmware 2.0.something, but isnt new enough for liveCDs to work.

Any help is much appreciated,

Thanks for your response. I had run accross all of those in my own google research. Unfortunately, none of them cites a solution other than 'try different media' - which wasn't the problem in that case. I know in my case I copied these over a network from an iso with a good MD5 signature - there shouldn't be any media problems whatsoever.

Thanks for your help,