I am working on Solaris 9 and using the emacs editor version 21.4. The problem is that when I use the emacs -nw command and turn the font-lock-mode on, I don't get the syntax highlighting by color like in the XWindow mode. The syntax highlighting is only done by bolding or by background coloring. The list-colors-display command also gives a blank window. I know that the terminal supports colors because when I use the ls --color command, the directories and executables are displayed in blue and green. Any idea on how I can get colors for emacs in the nw mode?

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Well, I haven't used emacs enough to know what I'm doing in regards to syntax coloring... :rolleyes:

I found a few links though:

To run emacs in text mode with syntax coloring

host:~> setenv TERMINFO /home/user/.terminfo
host:~> infocmp
host:~> emacs -nw

I also found this mailing list where the user seemed to have the same problem you experience right now. Perhaps try some of the suggested tips.

Thanks for the links. I changed my TERM variable from xterm to xtermc and that did the trick. setenv TERM xtermc emacs -nw

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