Hi folks,,

Searching for software with scanning, text/graphic editing, etc. functions

I have been using PaperPort for a prolonged time, which is a proprietary software running on M$Windows, mainly for scanning text documents. It has a desktop which allows scanned documents to be displayed there, binding them as book, doing direct editing, i.e. adding text as a note directly on the scanned document, deleting selected words/paragraphs and typing text on their space, etc.. It also has simple graphic editing function. Books can be re-binded, i.e their pages can reallocated, such as page 1 shifted to page 10, page 38 to page 12, etc. directly on desktop. Also the books can be discomposed again as separate documents before binding. Documents can be saved in many formats, max, pdf, html, jpg, gif, etc.

PaperPort is similar to PageKeeper, OmniPage, etc. All of them are proprietary software for M$Windows

Are there similar software from Open Source running on Linux. Gimp can do the job but it is a heavy tool not for this simple task.

Kindly advise. TIA

I have been informed of kooka being close


Any comment? (I can't find a mailing list/forum there)