Whenever I attempt to save Jpegs from the web onto my hard drive it use to save them as Jpegs but all of a sudden it will only save them as .bmp files. Unfortunately when I attempt to open them, they cannot be viewed, as all of my Graphic viewers indicated that they can't open compressed bitmapped files. All my other browsers (Opera, Netscape) do not have this problem. I'm running Windows XP. This just started happening all of a sudden today. How do I fix it?

Oh, and by the way, I'm unable to run System restore to restore to an earlier point.


Big Max :sad: :-|

Delete your tempory internet files and Reboot


I wouldn't consider this a problem... When the IE or other Internet Explorers would do that to me I'd actually save it as BMP... (when that does happen...) then later save it into JPG using Adobe Photoshop.

not everyone has APS Kitakits ;D

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