Have fedora 8 installed and working great but keep getting sound error right after login. Sound still works but I don't know enough to sort out where the cause of the error originates.

Here is the error message:

Error while initializing the sound driver:
device: default can't be opened for playback (Connection refused)
The sound server will continue, using the null output device.

Is there anyone familiar enough with fedora to point me in the right direction?


Well, i'm not that familiar with Fedora Core, personally, but maybe try reinstall alsa-base .

Or jackd if you're using JACK.

Do you mean open a konsole and uninstall and then install alsa-base?

Don't use Jack.

sudo apt-get remove alsa-base
sudo apt-get install alsa-base


Open Synaptics and reinstall it that way. (Much easier, IMO)

Thanks, on the error message it had a place to check if you didn't want the message to be shown anymore. I finally checked that. The sound works but don't know why the error kept coming up. It doesn't anymore. Ahhhh computers.....

Thanks again for your help.