I'm needing to make a VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork), so ta question is if i'd like to create a VPN using a OS like Fedora, what do i need !?? about software !!!
Or somebody know a link where talk about VPN's !??

Please, i'm new using Linux !! :$

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do you want to dial to an vpn server, or to create your own vpn server?

man OpenVPN

I'm needing to create my OWN VPN server using Internet of curse!!!
For example if i have an office on New York and another one at Chicago, How can i do it using Fedora !???

Please, somebody knows !!??


did you expect a step by step answer with screenshots? or maybe I should have come over and done the work for you? the info is all there, and if you know what you're doing, you will have no trouble finding it

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