I got a problem when i boot up my ubuntu server machine.
Don't know really how to explain it, but when i boot up its is like the discs don't get enough time to start and the OS tries to load too quick, i dont know. Anyway i get to this weird BIOS bootscreen, to fix this i have to type exit everytime to reboot the server and then it boots up correctly.
That is very annoying when i want to remote the computer and everytime i start it i have to got to the server room and type exit before i cant connect.

As i said, not the best explanations of all time but maybe someone know something :P


And btw, wasn't sure in which subforum i should post this so move the thread if it is wrong.

Looks like a GRUB error message to me. Not having the GRUB docs on hand at the moment, I'd hazard a guess that, for your box, whatever the "rootdelay=" value is set as default, it's not enough. I'd go looking in the online docs for GRUB to see what the default value for that parameter is and where the parameter is located, then start bumping it up until this problem goes away.

Of course, if this problem is *new* with a pre-existing installation, I'd worry about the drive. Vac out the box to get rid of dust which can cause heat buildup, check to make sure all the fans in the box rotate at full speed, and start being religious about backups of that drive, because it might not be around much longer.