I was working with the file /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0; edited that and to save those editings on the file i as usual press key x to write and exit. but my capslock was on, so i actually pressed X then a prompt came : enter encryption key: i entered 6 characters key; again told me to reenter the encryption key; i entered.

now if i want to view that file with cat command it comes with encrypted format totally understandable view. But while to edit I use vim it prompts me to enter encryption key and the message is decrypted at that time.how can i make the file editing , viewing as usual as it was before ; without encryption.

After opening the file in vim, run the following command:

:set key=

Then save the file.

please again help me as I am not an expert in linux. so it would be helpful if i would get step by step guidance for the encryption problem.
my encryption key is redhat , i have entered.

I will open the file with vim or vi then exactly what I have to do.......before saving with x or w....

Open the file again using the password.
This time save the file using uppercase :X again
It will ask you for a password - just leave it blank and press enter.

That should clear out the password and make it a 'normal' file again


I tried that one. It only accepts blank password. after accepting no difference comes ; still not in a decrypted normal format......

ifcfg-eth0 shouldn't be that big of a file.

Worse case, just open it, copy the contents. Delete the file and recreate it with the pasted content.