Hello Folks

First i am very new user start using Linux Redhat 9 kernal 2.4.20-8
i install my modem drivers according to the instruction of manual
which is

steps to install
1. login as ROOT
2. extract the archive into a directory with "tar -xvf <archivename>.tgz"
3. cd into the the directory it created.
4. Type: make clean
5. Type: make all
6. Type: make install

but as a new user i just created a mess and want to REINSTALL my drivers
but according to Modem Manual First i UNINSTALL The Drivers but there is not way discribe that how to UNINSTALL the drivers
so Kindly tell me that how to UNINSTALL these drivers so i install again
looking for reply

well... just to do this the hard way..
do a : "updatedb"
(wait for a while)
then use "slocate filename( or part_of_the_file_name" to find the files that you installed and then manually delete them :)

Have you tried the simple way? Depending on the package, you may just be able to do:

make uninstall