Hi All,
Can anyone help me out with my sendmail config? the problem i have is that when i telnet to port 25 the output states that it is localhost.localdomain. but the box its self is named in all the right places and in the sendmail.mc/cf files there is an entry nameing the box and domain.

however there is no field:


in the 8.12.11 virsion, this just points to another file that i'm not sure about configureing.

if any has seen this before please drop me a line


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I am not a sendmail expert, but in order to set mine up, I had to get DNS working first. I thought that I could get away with sendmail using the /etc/hosts file, but in the end, I had to get DNS setup first, with MX records.

When I telnet into my linux box on port 25, from the linux box, it also says 220 localhost.localdomain...... so I do not think that is the problem.

It is possible to turn on massive debugging in sendmail, and it is also possible to test among local accounts. I'll try to be around to help you out with this.


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