as the title says i need some help installing the drivers for my mx440 graphics card and soundblaster live 5.1 usb card on mandrake 10.2. So far i have downloaded the linux version of the nvidia driver but i cant get it to install even in root. ( i am a first time linux user so detailed help would be appreciated) Thanks in advance, Chris

i just wanted to update this. i just finished getting my nvidia driver installed correctly and i think its working right as games are lots better. however, i still am at a loss on getting my soundblaster live 5.1 to run music. it plays the system sounds and such but just not music i get the device /dev/dsp/does not exist error. i am a newbe but i want to learn this and i am likeing it so far :) can anybody point me in the right direction? is there a creative driver? or is it 3rd party? or do i have to change something myself? i dont know much so any guidenence will be appreciated thanks! :)

*bump* somebody has to know about this! seriously i am not using linux untill i know how to make it all work! im beginning to realize how good windows actually is

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