Recently I received corrupted file or broken dependencies when using update manager on my Ubuntu 9.04. Could it be due to my aging notebook that the hard disk has bad sector or is it that the file already corrupt in the repositories. Trying to reinstall doesn't work either.

Appreciate anyone who can help.

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Can you post the error messages you are receiving? It might be a parsing error versus disk corruption issue. We need more information.


I try to upload the screen shot of the error. I hope I did that right.

It actually Adobe flash plugin. It keep on giving error and the synaptic manager show broken dependencies and i can see youtube.

Appreciate if anyone can help. Linux newbie

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This is another one from the update manager.

Appreciate anyone who can help. Linux newbie.


I did this on my terminal. Hope I did it right.

Is there anything else I should do? Did I miss out something?

Appreciate to anyone who can help.


You're welcome

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