Hey everyone, I've just installed Ubunto on my computer, my user name is 'Daniel', and I've added 'Julio' and 'David', I'm the administrator. My problem is that when I try to open Adept Manager, I suppose that is a program to install, remove or/and change other programs. Well, but what's happening is that when I open it, a dialogue box appears on the screen, asking for my password verification, so I entered my password and clicked ENTER on my keyboard, and nothing opened and nothing happened, so I did the same thing, but instead of clicking ENTER, I clicked with the mouse on the button OK, and still nothing opened, nothing happened.
Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Dan08.

Hey Dan08,

I personally haven't heard of adept. I know Synaptic, gtk-application, aptitude, apt-get and dpkg, might it be one of these you're referring to?

I personally always find it very useful to try and open an application from a terminal if it isn't doing what I want it to do, since then you get more error messages and warnings.

I'm sorry I can't help you more right now...


Take a look at /var/log/auth.log /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog. It sounds like this is related to an authentication issue. Perhaps that application is trying to run su instead of sudo ?

Adept is an older package manager, development stopped on that last year. You should be using it's replacement, kpackagekit if you're a kde user. If you're on gnome...you should use synaptic.