I recently installed my first LINUX setup (Debian 3.0) on a seperate hard drive from my Windows system. During the installation I was asked to install adapters for specific items I have installed. The problem arose when I tried to locate a module for my integrated LAN built into my Foxconn 661FX7MF-S motherboard.I looked up and down the list and through my manufacturer's guide and online resources and cannot find any information other than "On-board LAN", let alone a module. Please let me know if I should be checking elsewhere or if you have any clue how to fix this.

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I can make a guess-- It's got an SiS chipset... you might want to try the SiS900 module. I have several machines with that card, and it works like a charm. It seems to make sense that they'd use that chipset for their LAN connections.

if I have already competed setup how do I install that into the kernel?

first, to see if it works, as root, try:

modprobe sis900

From there, you'd have to figure out how to get your particular distribution to load that module. I think with Debian you just add "sis900" to your /etc/modules file.

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