Hi all,
I have downloaded Mandriva One 2010. I have Windows Vista and one 80GB external HDD. I want to install Mandriva in that USB drive (On 40GB partition specifically) and walk with it anywhere.

Unetbooting only supports up to Mandriva 2008. Is there a software to do So?


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Unetbootin doesnt make it persistant anyway, it just makes it bootable, the same as a normal live or install CD, anything you do with it is lost upon reboot.

I dont think mandriva-seed supports peesistance.

Does mandriva include a tool for it? fedora and ubuntu have one called liveusb-creator which supports persiatance. quite easy to use.

it (might) work if you install it to the USB HDD in exactly the same way as a regular install , just make sure to install GRUB to that drive, not your internal one (probably a good idea to remove them while you do it so you dont accidently touch them with the installer)

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Is there simple way to install Grub without messing with command line?
That black screen sometimes isn't friendly :)


you can tell the installer where to put it, its usually hidden under some menu called advanced or something.

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