Hi all,
I have downloaded Mandriva One 2010. I have Windows Vista and one 80GB external HDD. I want to install Mandriva in that USB drive (On 40GB partition specifically) and walk with it anywhere.

Unetbooting only supports up to Mandriva 2008. Is there a software to do So?


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Unetbootin doesnt make it persistant anyway, it just makes it bootable, the same as a normal live or install CD, anything you do with it is lost upon reboot.

I dont think mandriva-seed supports peesistance.

Does mandriva include a tool for it? fedora and ubuntu have one called liveusb-creator which supports persiatance. quite easy to use.

it (might) work if you install it to the USB HDD in exactly the same way as a regular install , just make sure to install GRUB to that drive, not your internal one (probably a good idea to remove them while you do it so you dont accidently touch them with the installer)

Is there simple way to install Grub without messing with command line?
That black screen sometimes isn't friendly :)

you can tell the installer where to put it, its usually hidden under some menu called advanced or something.

And what about hardware and its drivers? Because I plan to use it among different computers :?

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