I just installed fedora 9 and finally got everything working. I configured my router to assign static ip to this box (i guess i don't have to install ddclient) I have a dyndns.com account and set my dns name to the static ip I mentioned to this box.

Could anyone please indicate me how to make my fedora box a home server so I can telnet or use ssh and ftp to my home server?

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Apparently this issue has been solved, presumably marked so by yourself. Could you please post up what the solution was so that others can learn?


sure i can. it was actually easier than I thought. To do that I had to register for a domain name, and set my domain name to the static ip representing my server. (I configured my router earlier to give a static ip to this specific box every time it reboots) Then everything follows, all i had to do to try this out is to open up my ssh or telnet, and enter the domain name , username, password and then login.

one more thing is you might need to open up ssh , telnet, and ftp ports so remote pc can come in the server through the specific port.

hope that helps ppl trying to learn like me ==*

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