ON my WIN XP PRO SP3, I have upgraded from Windows Media Player (WMA) 9 to 10 to use the audio Equalizer (EQ) capability.

I can play and hear wma, wav and mp3 files. But, I cannot even find the EQ to enable it. IS there a built-in EQ or is it necessary to install an EQ plug-in.

I did find and run what I think is a EQ plug-in, Geq15v15d.exe.
Running that did not enable the EQ function when I ran a music file such as "Highway Blues.wma".

Not sure what to do next.


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hi ,under help you will find this if you search equalizer ,

To adjust the graphic equalizer levels
Click Now Playing.
On the View menu, point to Enhancements, and then click Graphic Equalizer.
In the Enhancements pane, click the Turn on link, if necessary.
Do one of the following:
Select a preset equalizer setting, such as Default, Rock, or Jazz, from the drop-down list.
Move the equalizer sliders to the levels you want to use. The levels you set are saved automatically to the Custom preset.

To control how the sliders move in relation to one another, click one of the slider option buttons to the left of the equalizer.
To revert to the default settings, click the Reset link.
To hide the graphic equalizer, click the Close button in the Enhancements pane.

Thanks to your good instructions, my EQ is working with WIN Media Player 10.

Thanks to your good instructions, my EQ is working with WIN Media Player 10.

that good to hear , the help menu in most programs offer a lot of info ,you just need to ask it a question . just hitting f1 when a program is open will bring up its help file
good luck

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