Install dependencies:

sudo aptitude install python-fuse python-elementtree

Karmic only has python-gdata 1.2.4-0ubuntu2 which is too old so get gdata 2.0.6 from here:

and install that. Look for the README.txt and INSTALL.txt for info.

Once the dependencies are satisfied:

sudo aptitude install subversion
svn co^Cn/trunk/ google-docs-fs

and install that.

Then "gmount /doc john.doe" will work without even needing sudo. Note that "/doc" has to be owned by your non-root account. Substitute your google docs account for "john.doe" (duh.)

mount | grep gFile on /doc type (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=babystrangeloop)

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who gets this to work or fails trying.