Hi everyone!

I have to do a school project "Hosting":

1. I have a php site with some form.
2. Client select for example space, domain and some other options.
3. Apache creates needed folders and confuguration
4. Client get his email account
5. Client can put his own php site

Can anyone explain me how can I do that?
Some steps I should do?

Please, help me :)

For the details of web hosting, you may visit this site http://www.thewebpole.com/, It has the full details of hosting process and it also has three types of hosting plans also!!!
you may got new ideas for your project!!!

It's your project to figure it out, not ours.
Nor is it our job to hand you your homework thesis on a golden platter.

Hi LampBeginner,

Your project isn't so easy like you say. Building a controla panel por a web server is very hard work.

1st you will need a computer with any operating system ( for webserver i prefer centos a linux distru )
2st you will need to configure ir for web server
3st you can create you webhosting accounts by hand. But a really god job is building your won panel who is very hard work.

Ask everything you whant

Best Regards
Marco Martinho

thanks nisha88!

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