I am an it support technician and we recently purchased a dozen Acer vm480g's. When i used my Acronis 9 to image the drive it was successful but when i reboot after completion it errors that it can not find the linux boot kernel. Our image is built on xp pro sp3. i don't know if this is the right forum or not but any help would be great.

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It create problem always until when you remove linux from your system then you build acronis 9 image for Xp pro Sp3. WHY, when you install Xp and Linux both on single bootable drive in system.Linux kernel doesn't work with acronis 9.

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these systems came with windows 7 and an xp pro downgrade not a Linux OS they just boot through a Linux kernel. they will not boot to acronis 9 or acronis ten or a windows boot CD. they do however boot to almost any Linux live CD or usb i put in them. we are still fighting this issue and acer is lost on what im telling them. i think there is a chip on the board that the mbr checks through or something because even if i image a hard drive in a different system and install it in the acer case it still says it cant boot due to missing Linux boot kernel. i cant be the only one in the world with this issue. someone somewhere has done this im sure of it.

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