hey am new here...not sure if i am suppose to be writing here...lol.but umm..i installed mepis onto my IBM laptop the thinkpad and i want to uninstall mepis, i had put mepis on my laptop because i had windows xp on it and it caused alot of trouble so i replaced it with mepis...but now i was ubuntu onto my laptop but i have no idea how to uninstall MEPIS...can you help me please!!!

There's no need to uninstall mepis at all, you can simply get the Ubuntu installer to install Ubuntu using the entire drive and mepis will be replaced by Ubuntu.

All you need to do is the following:
1. Back up any personal files that you want to keep. (probably the most important step!)

2. Put the Ubuntu CD in your CD drive and reboot your pc from the CD drive. Once the CD has booted into the CD's menu you can begin the installation of Ubuntu.

At some point during the early stages of installation, you'll be asked how you want to install Ubuntu on the machine. You'll have several options. I can't remember exactly how the options are worded, but there are options to allow you to do the following:
1. Create a new partition for Ubuntu, or resize an existing partition.
This option would allow you to install Ubuntu on your PC and keep mepis on there as well. Enabling you to dual-boot mepis and ubuntu. In other words if you choose this option, then whenever you boot your pc you'll see a list of all installed operating systems and you can choose which one you want to boot into.

2. Install Ubuntu on the entire drive
Meaning the installer will delete all partitions on the drive and then auto-create whatever default partitions it requires before installing Ubuntu. This will effectively delete mepis when it repartitions the drive and Ubuntu will be installed over the top. That way you end up with just Ubuntu on your machine.

The 'use entire drive' option is the one you'll most likely want to use.

If you are a more advanced user, you have also got the option of manually setting up partitions for the Ubuntu install, allowing you to retain any existing partitions that contain personal files. For example if you had a separate partition set up for the /home folder when you installed mepis, then you could keep that partition and map it to Ubuntu so Ubuntu could use it.

There may have been other options, but offhand I can't remember any more!

Either way, option 2 in my little list above is probably the option you want. 'use the entire drive' for Ubuntu and mepis will be completely replaced by Ubuntu.

Cheers for now,