When i boot into my newly installed suse linux, i can never get past all the text messages that say done, yes, etc. It always gets stuck when it probes the PCI cards. I believe this is because i had put in an ati radeon 9200 SE card recently. When i had redhat and fedora, i didn't have the card. It says somthing like

entering run level five
init 1 respawn too fast delay for 5 mins
init 2 respawn too fast delay for 5 mins
init 3 respawn too fast delay for 5 mins
init 4 respawn too fast delay for 5 mins
init 5 respawn too fast delay for 5 mins
init 6 respawn too fast delay for 5 mins

Before that the text above it says somthing breifly about PCI and then i get the above message. Any ideas?


Did you put in the card after the Suse install? It is possible that hooks from the old card are causing a problem. I am not a Suse guy, but to me it sounds like the system is looking for the other device. You might have to swap cards again, and remove the card properly.

If you can get to the logs, you might have a better chance of understanding the problems.

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so you are saying i should remove my new card, install it, then put it in again and load the drivers?


I am not a SUSE person, so do not know if this will work for sure. I do know RedHat has a program called kudzu that runs early in the booting process that will remove and add devices to the system, to keep the devices and the database clean.

Does Suse have such a program?

You might need to put the old card back in to get the system stable so you can use a monitor and read what is on the screen. You may find a utility in there to manage your hardware.

I would also go to suse.com and look through the support options. You might be able to call them or email them and ask.

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How did you do that? I was for the most part grasping straws. What did you do?