I have Linux RH9 Webserver setup, ( it's the one with the FOOT print on it ),SuSE or Gnrome.........after having a lighting storm I seem to have many problems, the Webserver will bootup and running the internet but I wouldn't run my website, my website was running for a while know at lease 7 months and it stoped working after the storm, is there some kind of command I can do to figure out the problems

so sorry I have Road Runner and D-Link firewall

Thanks For anyones help


apache has crashed. (httpd)
restart the service using the appropriate command below and watch for error output in the logs.

command: (without quotes "")
" service httpd status" (status of httpd server)
" service httpd stop" (stops the server; will fail if it has crashed)
" sercice httpd start" (start a stopped httpd instance; reloads httpd.conf)
" service httpd restart" (stop httpd gracefully; waitfor it to clean up; restart and reaload config)

"cat /var/log/messages | grep -i httpd " (output httpd related log messages)
"tail -f /var/log/messages" (show nea message updates to /var/log/messages; excellent while restarting)

the footprint is a gnome desktop trademark. nothing more.

port 80 and 443 (http and https) should be open for the firewall from a minimum on the network

Thanks For you reply

will check into it tonight when i get home....