I know that my computer was hacked. I don't know the technical words to use so please forgive that. I am comfortable with a computer and as long as i know what to do I will keep trying until i get it right. I know that someone was able to use my computer and that they changed my password hint. They wanted me to know or why else do that. They knew word for word emails that I sent. Is there a way I can see how they were able to do that. I started using another computer. Should i just get rid of my computer if there are emails that i do not want connected to me. Emails were being sent from me that i never sent but they had my ip address. Is there a way i can see what all was copied from my computer or if someone is connecting remotely. Another situationall of a sudden there is a unsecure internet service that always has full strength and I use a sprint hotspot which I can get a signal but it is very slow and drops signal often as do all phone services do. I live in the country, I find it very strange that this unsecure network has a better signal than my sprint. Im am desperate to know what i can do and or look for. Could something have been installed that i would be able to find? I just learned on this site about *nix and plan on reading all I can about making my system secure. I changed all my passwords and on the new computer i use windows live 2011 that says is very safe?? I no longer write private emails. I feel sick all the time about the fact that my privacy was so invaded. I thought spyware was protecting me. Is there any way of saving myself from being identified as the sender. I feel bad for wasting anyone's time but if you can offer helpfull advice I would be very grateful. Thank You for your time

O GOD..dear just install new window ,,there are many hacking software to check your computer data and you cant see what hacked from your computer just install new window !

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