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That's interesting - and a very similar method to WiFi tethering.

However, one small detail that the article is missing is to tell you that your computer (presumably a laptop) must also have a BlueTooth adapter installed in order to communicate with your phone.

Other than that small but important detail, it's a good tutorial . . .

thanks for sharing!


nice share!
that's what i need.

You can comment here or there whatever thing you would like to see whether it be Linux (I use Ubuntu) and Programming (Java, Python, C++ or PHP) or any ranting on techie things. I think after June 27th I will be back and post more stuffs and put more links ;)

Thanks for heads up though :)


i want to use internet through mobile on my laptop in ubuntu 10.10. is there any software for it?

what kind of phone? Please try the trick and comment there if anything goes wrong so that Others may benefit there!

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