This is for a localhost development machine (Apache 2.0.54) and I don't even know how to phrase the question, or even if it *is* vhost, so fingers crossed you understand me!

I don't want to have to type in either a full (or relative) link back to the root but would rather set up Apache so I can use a virtual filepath and have it understand I don't mean the *real* root but the subsite root. Considering I'm not good with tech-speak I'll just make sure I'm describing this right!

I don't want:

<a href="">

and do want:

<a href="/index.php">

with Apache sending me to the root of my_new_site.

That way I don't have to set up my root directory with a silly name (as I do on IIS because I only have a dev license) then do a find and replace to get rid just before upload or switch the docroot in httpd.conf every time I switch projects.

I read the Apache docs then tried something that looked about right (but *so* wasn't) and I can't see a post that covers what I'm after so please help (I'll buy you a pint, promise)!