Hi folks,

I’m having a doubt in the mounting of floppy in my application.

mount(“/dev/sdc”(source dir), ”/fdHD/0/”(Our dest dir) "vfat", l_uReadWrite | MS_SYNCHRONOUS, NULL);

This is the system call which we are using to mount to mount he floppy to our desired folder. When I use this system call it is taking much time in linux 2.6. But we are using the same code in Linux 2.4, at that time the mount operation is happening very fast.

So what I did I replaced the mount system call by system(“mount –t vfat /dev/sdc /fdHD/0/”) . Now when we transfer, the operation is happening very fast. So what is did I removed the MS_SYNCHRONOUS flag from the mount system call. So now it is working fine in 2.6 kernel.

Now my doubt is what the use of MS_SYNCHRONOUS flag is? Why removing the flag making the transfer operation very fast? whatis the effect of this flag in mounting?

What might be the reason for this? Please help me friends?

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