I downloaded the latest WINE and I know it works because I downloaded two windows only compatible programs and they work. But now I'm trying to download and execute the .exe file for an awesome online game. It executes the file and a window pops up with the agreement terms. After I agree and hit next, a loader window appears but nothing loads. Thanks in advance.

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It would help if you told us the name of the 'awesome online game'! {rolls eyes}

Have you taken a look at the winehq website to see what it says about the 'awesome online game'?
Winehq lists a lot of windows programs that work with Wine and reports each programs compatibility/stability and also gives information on how to get trickier windows programs to work. (see http://appdb.winehq.org)

It also lists programs that don't work.
If your 'awesome game' is that popular, it should be listed somewhere on winehq. If you're really lucky it might even be one of the apps that works really well on Wine!

My awesome game is Shaiya. And it is awesome. *sniff* I'm sorry for not listing it. I checked out WineHQ and it's good to know that it can work but the problems addressed on the site are for people farther into the process than I am. However, there was a link posted from someone with a similar problem. I'll post more when I learn more. Thanks!

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