Ht everyone,

I recently decided to leave my older version of mandrake distribusion of linux and try something that at the house were I live is totally new (Ubunto).

So I got the cd and started to install the Ubunto... funny thing is that the process goes well untill I reboot the pc(ASUS A6VM), it starts to load untill it gets to this part:

starting network [ok]
starting hot(somthing) ... _

and it just stops... :confused:

I tryed doing something, it isin't blocked cause I did :
ctrl+alt+f1 to go to the tty1 and it goes there, and there it simply says: Loading, please wait...

funny thing, because I waited about 3-4H. :eek:

If anybody could help me, you don't even imagine how much I'd apreciate...

Rui Silva

Re: Ubuntu won't Run First time 80 80

I forgot to mention that in tty1 thae mesage that appearse is:

rng not detected

can anybody help me out?

thanks in advansed...

Re: Ubuntu won't Run First time 80 80

Hy, Iposted thesame problem in another forum that in my idea has more to do with the problem... sorry for the inconvinience...

Re: Ubuntu won't Run First time 80 80

It sounds like ubuntu is having trouble with the hotplug daemon (hotplugd) since the network startup completed. Try booting up in SINGLE user mode and login as the root. Disable hotplugd and boot normally.

Ok now? This is a test and not a good long-term solution as there might be some issue with your version of ubuntu and hotplugs that needs a deeper dive.

Got a tech friend in the neighbourhood? Its hard to diagnose flying blind.

Maybe you want to try another distro like PCLinuxOS.

Good luck.

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