well i am at the point where i will upgrade agian.

so which distro should i try this time. currently useing suse 8.2

important features
support for the 64 bit CPU's (athlone64)
easy to use
price or avalible ISO

though easy to use is starting to fade with me, now considered my self a bit seasoned at linux use. no longer a noob or novice

also i have tried redhat, nice interface and such. but what about hardware management in redhat??
i like the suse yast

havnt tried mandrake in a while, not sence 8.2. should i give them a try agian??

currently i think suse is the only one selling the 64 bit versions as of now, but am sure all the rest do have a few

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way uber

Dont forget about the (Lone ryder)KERNEL.
Ahhh.. Its a robust world we live in

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How about Gentoo (http://gentoo.org) or Slackware (http://slackware.com). Both are free, and pretty powerfull. Gentoo is a pain to get setup where everything is working perfect, but once it is then you will have a very nice box. Slackware is what a bunch of my friends prefer, as well as FreeBSD (http://freebsd.org). I believe that they all support 64 bit CPU's. I love the portage feature in Gentoo that allows you to download/upgrade a program and all the dependencies by simply typing "emerge command". You can also update ALL packages up to date on your box by typing "emerge -u world". Hope this helps.

FreeBSD - server

Slackware - if you're into console command typing! when it works, it works!

RedHat - for your mom and her mom

SuSE - for everyone who wants an easy install and to migrate from wintendo. everything works perfect, but you have to be careful sometimes

Gentoo - have no idea. heard it takes a bit of nerves to setup

Mandrake - userfriendly install, userenemy tweaking. no HW support!?

I use SuSE! Has everything I need. Will setup a server with FreeBSD for my own use.

Check http://www.linuxiso.org

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