Ps I need some help on how to install Fedora.
I just downloaded a copy of the OS on CD's and I am trying to install it on my desktop.However, the system does not boot from the CD.What do you think could be wrong.I used ISO burning software required and I don't know what I did wrong.
Kindly help me out.


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Did you actually tell Nero "Burn Image file to CD"?

also make sure you burn it at 4X other wise it will be

change your system bios to boot into a cd first. You can do this by repeadly tapping the F buttons (it differs between computers) some on the boot screen tell you what button to press (such as dell)

if you dont know how, just put your computer manufacturs name and ask how to enter the BIOS.

some times also the download is corrupt, so you may want to try redownloading the first cd's image.

If you did "Burn Image file to CD" using Nero, is it possible that your PC is unable to boot from any CD? Do you have another bootable-CD to test with? Also, try booting that CD on a different PC. Does it boot up? Of course, don't install there.

If you cannot boot any CD on your PC, it might be because your BIOS is not configured to boot from CD. If you have a tech pal locally, this would be very easy for her/him to check.

Good luck.

Google for a thing called deep burner (theres a free version) - its better than nero. Just open, click burn .iso, point it to the iso file, select the speed and click burn.

Also check that your BIOS is set to boot from CD

When it boots up you only need the first cd and can install it from the internet but i don't want to over whel you......

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