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I try to access phpmyadmin but i can't get in because it said my password and username is wrong. The password and username, is it the same one as i entered when i install Appserve ?.So what should i do if i want to change username and password or can any one tell me where can i get password and user name to access localhost\phpadmin

Please help..


First of all confirm if this is Apache password or mysql password.....if this asking over browser in a small dialogue box then its apache's configuration or if its asking in browser's page then its mysql' config

if its mysql's configuration then do the following steps to change password:

1) stop mysql
2) start mysql with --skip-grant-tables (mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables)
3) Reset user password with following steps:
enter into mysql prompt with "mysql" command:
use mysql
update user set password=password("newPassword") where user = 'root';
4) Restart mysql service and access phpmyadmin with new user and password (but keep this thing your mind the user root must be enabled to login in can check this in /etc/phpMyAdmin/

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