I try to access phpmyadmin but i can't get in because it said my password and username is wrong. The password and username, is it the same one as i entered when i install Appserve ?.So what should i do if i want to change username and password or can any one tell me where can i get password and user name to access localhost\phpadmin

Please help..


First of all confirm if this is Apache password or mysql password.....if this asking over browser in a small dialogue box then its apache's configuration or if its asking in browser's page then its mysql' config

if its mysql's configuration then do the following steps to change password:

1) stop mysql
2) start mysql with --skip-grant-tables (mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables)
3) Reset user password with following steps:
enter into mysql prompt with "mysql" command:
use mysql
update user set password=password("newPassword") where user = 'root';
4) Restart mysql service and access phpmyadmin with new user and password (but keep this thing your mind the user root must be enabled to login in phpmyadmin....you can check this in /etc/phpMyAdmin/config.inc.php)

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