Has anybody got a shell script to see what is filling a mount point?
It's my oracle mount point but I can't see anything writing to it when I check using
ps -ef | grep *log nothing stands out are there any other commands I can use, it's solaris OS?



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What you're after is "listing open file descriptors". In Linux you would use lsof but for solaris I think it depends on the version. Google this: "solaris list open file descriptors"

It came back with a few urls:

And what do you mean by "filling a mount point"? I'm assuming you mean writing data to disk and eating away at the free space?

Cheers Scott,
I found an article regarding 'ulimit' that looks interesting.
I suspect it's down to oracle 10g ias, but I'm more oracle than unix. It's solaris 10(5.10) by the way. I was really after a unix command where you could see all the files being written at a certain time.


You probably aren't going to find exactly what you're looking for, but a couple of sibling commands might be able to help. Check out `df` and `du`.

With `df` you can see the amount of space used on any mount point. It's often useful to run `df -B 1M` as it will format it in MB granularity instead of KB (older systems actually use 512b blocks).

You can use `du` to list all directories under a particular directory, so you might be able to do something useful with that to give yourself a better idea of what's being written to. Try `du -s *` in the directory you are curious about. That will output the size of each directory and file in your current directory.



I'm going to monitor it with du -s.



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