Hi all,

I have bought a domain on GoDaddy called techitproductions.com. At home i have a Linux Ubuntu Server running Apache, php5, ispconfig, courier mail etc... I have forwarded port 80, 25565 (for Minecraft), 8888 (for ispconfig), 22 (for Putty).

My question is what ports do i need to portforward for a fully working server, with both SSL, SSH and mail working?

My second question is how do i get my domain pointing to my server? My external ip is static.

Please i need a step by step instruction's i am new to Linux servers and the whole website hosting etc...



On the ports you need available the one I can think of are:

21 ftp
22 ssh
25 smtp (email)
80 http
110 pop3 (email)
115 sftp
143 imap
220 imap2 (email)
443 https
465 smtp SMTP over SSL (TLS)
587 smtp (email - alternate as some ISP's block 25)

All the ports should be listed in /etc/services

On getting your domain name pointed to the server, go to godaddy and for your domain name find the DNS Manager. Point the A record to the IP static address of your router or firewall. On the router make the Linux server your DMZ host.

If you have not already installed email, Apache, mysql and PHP may I suggest looking into qmailtoaster. I use their installation and configuration scripts to set up web servers I manage housing multiple sites and company email. It gives you secure email with anti-spam and virus protection. Web based email and site configuration pages that can be managed by clients, along with webmail (squirrel mail). It also configures Apache and PHP to be secure for preventing sites from being hacked.


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