Hi all =)

well, I have this problem with vim.. Whenever I write a code, I get a dark yellow highlighting.. this happens only when I'm on the user mode. When I switch to the root mode, everything is normal, i.e. syntax colors appear normally..

I googled for a solution on websites and forums, and tried to solve it on my own, but nothing worked out.. I checked the preference colors more than once, but there is nothing wrong with them..

In the second image you will see that the highlighting color is palette entry 4..

mmm... if no one knows how to solve this problem, it's OK.. I can deal with it; it's not a major problem.. although it makes me frown sometimes >_>

Can you show the output of ~/.vimrc?

Sorry for being late to reply.. I've been busy with my courses and exams =$
and my laptop which has fedora on doesn't work appropriately =(

However, I had the output with no problems whenever I use ~/.vim .. I didn't try ~/.vimrc.. I'll try it as soon as I get my laptop fixed and post the result here..

Thanks for your suggestion ^_^

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