I'M trying to install Ubuntu Server but I'M getting the following error. Bare in mind that I download the iso a second time believing the file was simple corrupted while downloading but got the same error again anyway.

///cdrom/pool/main/e/e2fsprogs_1.42-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb was corrupt.

Download the iso two and got this error twice during installation. Please help.

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Sorry I'M still learning. MD5 for a matcing iso download, what does that mean?


It verify's you have downloaded the file correctly, that you have a correct/uncorrupted version.

How to MD5SUM
Ubuntu Hashes

Search for the version of ubuntu you have and see if the hash value is the same that you get from the disc you have burned. It should be the same, if not this maybe your issue.

Also is your system 64 bit? You can always try the 32 bit version.

You should also be able to check the Disk for defects when booting from CD/DVD.


You can also try to download the package separately and manually swap it. You can download the package from here.

If the problem persists after you have checked the MD5 checksum, then you should report it to ubuntu bug-tracking.

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