Alright I figured I'll use SystemRescueCD to create my partition for Linspire. But one thing I'm not slightly getting is how it dual boots. Linspire Support gives instructions on how to dual boot but they don't offer support for it. If I'm correct from what I've read in the past you need a boot loader or something like that? Linspire's documentation never mentioned anything of this except a partition and thats it. I cant purchase MagicBoot or BootMagic which ever its called cause I just dont have the money. What are some free ones so I'll get the menu to either choose windows or linspire? I got my copy of linspire when they had the promotion of the free download for it with the coupon code, so I guess you could say I got lucky as the servers were jam packed. I just chose the bittorrent download and left it running for a good 2 hrs.

alright i decided to scratch SystemRescueCD cause well I don't have anymore CD-R's available and secondly it looks like it requires you to not have any OS installed? So now I'm back to faze one and need something like Partition Magic that will allow me to Partition the HDD while XP is installed. Any help please?