i just installed mandrake and when i boot my machine it jsut sits on the background of my desktop and would not load or give me the log in screen
any suggestions???

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You might have just done a bad install. It happens sometimes, and it could be due to a bad burn on your CD.

What I recommend is to redownload the Mandrake images, reburn them, and then reinstall. If you've just installed your new system, the only thing you'll have lost is the time it took to do the first install.


I use k3b in linux to burn my isos and it does an automatic md5sum, but that is nice for windows users. :)


If you are refferencing an issue with a GUI desktop:

Check the permissions on your home directory, make sure all the appropriate files (gnome, kde, or other front-end associated) are chown'ed to your username and have the correct rwx permissions.

If you are refferencing an issue directly after boot, such as sitting at a kernel prompt:

I have not used Mandrake in a long time but there should be a 'Rescue' option if you boot from CD. Use the rescue option, and take a look at your kernel and your lilo or grub config.

At what specific point does your system hang? By specific I mean does it hang at a desktop (GUI) loading screen? Does it stop whjile saying "Loading Kernel"?

Also, does it lock up in the same place, every time? If not, this may be a hardware issue.


it hangs after the screen that gives u the options to choose linux, linuxgr and 2 other options, after i choose linux it seems that is loading and i do not get the log in screen it hang right before that
I reloaded the system and it worked and it seemd fine, but i have another questions, i'm trying to have my linux and WINME share files, where do i find that option??

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