l have a linux machine with ClearOs and a directory (/home/mcafee) that l have downloaded a mcafee update and l want my windows machine to be able to automatically access that Share and update my Mcafee antivirus, l specified the path for my Mcafee **using ftp or http (e.g // **but to no avail. l tried the UNC but still unable to update my Antivirus how can l do this? Any help would be appreciated!!!

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You need to install samba on the linux box. Samba is an application on Linux that allow you to share directories with windows.

thanx RCH1231 samba is already installed and working well but the challenges is that of pointing the windows machines to that server and for them to be able to automatically download the update from the Linux box.

The Samba shares should show up in "My Network Places->Entire Network->workgroup". Under workgroup should appear each remote system that is attached to your workgroup (which Samba-enabled Linux systems should be), and under those directories will appear the shared folders that they are providing. If you need to login to access those shares, clicking on them should bring up the appropriate Windows dialog box. You can mount those systme shares as a permanent drive letter if you want. Right-click on the shared folder and select "Map Network Drive...".

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