i have 3 win7 pc's, 1 2 and 3
1 is wireless and cannot access 2 or 3 and returns an error "network address invalid"
2 is wired and cannot find 1 with error "address cannot be found" but can access 3
3 is wired and cannot find 1 with same error as 1 but can access 2

1 used to be able to access 2 which holds a network share
2 has been reinstalled for various reasons and has always had the same name, ip, account an password
3 has a fresh install and has never been on the network

my question is, what is stopping 1 from accessing anything on the network, it can see everything but not access anything. all the share settings are correct, they are all on same subnet, and all permissions have been set correctly as well. i've been trying to solve this for a few days and have come up with nothing
reinstall os on 1 is not an option

can anyone help or does anyone have an answer?
thx n adv

What are the IP addresses of each machine?
Can 1 ping 2/3?
Can 2/3 ping 1?
After a ping attempt on 2/3, check arp table. Do you see the MAC for 1's wifi adapter?
If you plug 1 in via wired, can you connect?
What model wifi/router are you using? Is it a separate wifi AP or built into router?

dns & dhcp with statis route for 2
netgear 600n (only using 2.4ghz, 5ghz is uneeded and is turned off)
ap is builtin

1 = wireless
1 = wired
2 =
3 =

all can ping each other regardless of wired or wireless
before and after ping everything shows in arp

dont know if its important
1 shows for self " --- 0xd"
2 shows for self " --- 0xb"
3 shows for self " --- 0xb"


I'd like to see the route table from PC 1. Looks like you have 2 interfaces on the same subnet. So it's possible that you make a request to 1 IP, but the answer comes from the 2nd.

What do you mean by > dns & dhcp with statis route for 2

Since is on the same subnet as, no routes are needed.

Post a SHOW ROUTE from PC 1 and lets have a look there.

So, assuming that the network share was configured correctly, the problem could be that the local firewalls running on the individual Windows 7 machines are not allowing file sharing traffic inbound and/or outbound. If the firewalls are on, you need to have the necessary rules in place to allow traffic.

Since all systems can PING each other, we know that basic ICMP traffic is passing OK between the systems. That should rule out any basic network connectivity.

The other issue may be related to name resolution. Try accessing the systems by IP rather than by name.

try accessing the network share by IP instead of by name. Open a run command and type in the UNC path to the share.

\ipaddress\shareName, for example..


everything works except connecting via netbios/hostname to and from wireless, the wired pc's have no issues

tried flushing dns, and formating crc, neither of which worked
any ideas?

How i can get solution for long path tool?

How i can get solution for long path tool?



reset the entire network, now wired can connect to everything, wireless can connect to nothing

ran through this KB314053, removed DhcpNodeType and restarted, and found out that I can now connect using RUN via \\hostname, but still get "network address is invalid" using the network tree in explorer!?
any ideas on how to fix this part?

Which versions of Windows 7? Are they all set up as being in the same Home Group or Work Group?

Which Router do you have? (Make/Model) Is wifi turned on in your Router? What range of IP addresses is your Router set to accept? (if such a security setting is enabled)

Check all of the security settings is your Router.

they are all in the same workgroup, i dont like the homegroup implementation so i do not use it
the wired are ultimate, wireless (the one with the issue) is home premium, all x64

I can now connect using RUN via \\hostname, but still get "network address is invalid" using the network tree in explorer!?

one question though, how does this at all relate to the router?

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