Hi everyone .

I'm studying network engineering and security , its my forth year . I have taken a network programming cousre , and I will take Unix system programming course soon . I love programming , and I love networks . I have taken network course , network protocols course , and Operating system course too .

I have to start working on my graduate project , but I really don't know what to do . I would appreciate it if you can suggest some ideas just let me start thinking about mt project , because I have no idea about graduate projects.

Thanks in advance .

Find a company then try to fix there network and make there system a open-source.. well it will be great if your project will work be all Free
Try to simulate the network in GNS3 and use Linux distro as your Client OS... then make A server that is costum build. try this

thanks a lot for your suggestion I will check your link , any further suggestions are welcomed

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